Fresh fruits and vegetables available for delivery at home within 1 or 2 hours.

Prince de Bretagne diversifies its sales thanks to Amazon fresh.

As a new commercial strategy, Prince de Bretagne has reached an agreement with Amazon that provides for the shipment of conventional and organic vegetable packages within the borders of France with a maximum delivery time of 48 hours. The agreement was reached thanks to the eight partner producers of Prince de Bretagne in the Sica Finisterre region of Saint-Pol-de-Leon. A plan has been designed that provides for the delivery of baskets of conventional and organic fruit and vegetable products, with a range capable of withstanding shipments from the platform to the domicile of the French customer.

Prince de Bretagne noted that, “some fruit and vegetable purchases are made online, bypassing conventional distribution channels”. This is supported by Marc Keranguéven, the president of one of the cooperatives associated with Prince de Bretagne.

“We want to create work and establish a direct relationship with consumers, offering them home delivery, which is revolutionary in the world of fresh vegetables”.

The contents of the packages will change regularly to guarantee the supply of all Breton products (in terms of fresh seasonal vegetables). The price of a package of conventional products with a weight between 4 and 5 kg vary between 24 and 26 euros, whereas, the organic version will be priced at 29.50 euros per package.


Annarita Grimaldi

Annarita Grimaldi

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