Each of us in his territory has a unique value because he possesses his own knowledge and experience in the particular sector in which he works and this knowledge can be passed on to others.

To make this value bear fruit, it is necessary to freely compare oneself with others, share one’s knowledge and experience, and make one’s knowledge available to everyone for constructive, mutual and professional enrichment.

Thanks to technology and our advice, nowadays information is widely available to everyone, just by a simple click, one can obtain an immediate answer to a doubt or a question.

Information that has a price is now a thing of the past. (Paying for information now is part of the past).
youleafy.com aims to aggregate and create a community between experts in the sector, youleafy.com represents specific information containers for all, vegetables, leafy vegetables, babyleaf, greens and so forth.

Our goal is to create a system which enables us to solve new problems together which may arise in the sector by sharing all our information and experiences that each one of us has accumulated during our professional career.

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