Microalgae: high quality raw material with immense potential.

Microalgae is a 100% product based on microalgae, microscopic plant organisms that have existed on our planet for millions of years. They are selected and grown by AlgaEnergy company, in its production facilities in Spain. Production is carried out in photobioreactors with the most advanced cultivation systems in the world.

Microalgae are plant organisms with the highest protein content, they are the original source of Omega-3 and  moreover, they provide a complete range of plant hormones, all those molecules that regulate growth and plant development and which control metabolism and physiological processes: L – free aminoacids, phytohormones, micronutrients, peptides, lipids, polysaccharides and pigments. Each plant needs 20 amino acids, all microalgae contain them, each amino acid has a specific function. Consequently, it is important that the plant has them all at its disposal. However, it is equally important that the proportion of each amino acid is the ideal one for the plant to develop and grow in a balanced manner. Unlike the D form, the L-amino acid form is the most functional form and the one that plants absorb with the least expenditure of energy. Unlike macroalgae that are harvested on the beaches or in the sea, the AlgaEnergy microalgae are grown in bioreactors, of the latest generation. Through complex control and instrumentation systems, all the variables that influence the biochemical composition and quality of microalgae are managed. Thanks to these photobioreactors, the quality and homogeneity of the final product can be guaranteed, guaranteeing a product much richer in elements with better performance.

Microalgae promote plant growth and development, optimize physiological processes and strengthen the plant so that it can cope with possible episodes of abiotic stress. The “AgriAlgae” microalgae-based products produced by the AlgaEnergy company are not fertilizers, and should not be replaced with fertilizers, their function is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of fertilization, facilitating the absorption of nutrients. AgriAlgae has a two-year expiration and is compatible with all fertilizers and most pesticides, the application methods are radical “in drip irrigation” and “spray foliar”. With the foliar applications, the response time is faster, but the duration of the effect is better.

Quite the contrary with the radical application, the effect is not so rapid, but its duration is greater. An alternation is recommended in the type of application according to the phenological state. The results found are:

– Increased resistance to abiotic stress,

– Greater yield and better organoleptic quality of the collected productions.


Finally, the microalgae AlgriAlgae, cultivated in photobioreactors is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product and contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and each kg of microalgae biomass produced eliminates 2 kg CO2. AgriAlgae products have obtained the CAEE certificate which qualifies it as a raw material suitable for organic farming.

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Annarita Grimaldi

Annarita Grimaldi

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