Weather Stations: an opportunity or instant gratification

Thanks to digital technology, today, we no longer need to spend time looking for information or a solution that fits our needs. It’s all just a click away.

This is terrific!

Instant gratification exists in our LEAFY sector as well, we desire everything to be in an instance. Simply connect to the site and in a few minutes one will be contacted by the customer service department of the company to provide information or immediately sell the object in question. Farms often buy or rent equipment or even popular equipment just because their friend or neighbour has this type of equipment. It seems bizzare, yet this is the reality nowadays.

Today, in almost all companies, there is a meteorological instrumentation or hut that detects climatic data, soil characteristics and many other agronomic parameters. The analysis we want to undertake consists of the following:

How many people will have understood the purpose of that instrumentation that they have rented and how many fully utilize their services? It seems absurd, yet true. We talk about agriculture 4.0, artificial intelligence and then we do not read the purchase or rental contracts thoroughly.

By now, everyone is making instrumentation to support the management of the main agronomic details, providing weather forecasts intertwined with disease forecasting models.

capannine meteo

All very nice indeed, but to get these results, you have to rely to multinational companies with years of experience and with leading experts in the field.

We believe that the points to be evaluated for the buy/rent of instruments are the following:

  1. Quality and reliability of the equipment purchased / rented, characteristics of the hardware and instrumentation.
  2. Presence on the territory of personnel for assembly and technical assistance.
  3. Quality and precision of the data acquired in the field.
  4. Management and storage of the data acquired via cloud.
  5. Consultation of results via smartphone.
  6. Quality of the legibility of the results through graphics.
  7. The possibility of being able to connect to the instrumentation of other management models such as water nutrition or forecasting models.
  8. Do not buy, it is better to rent to always have the latest version of the instrumentation.


In a nutshell, we must distinguish two objectives: Have a tool only to detect weather data.

Have a good quality instrumentation in reading data, managing data and also providing decision-making models.

For this final point, it is necessary to rely on multinationals with at least a decade of experience, working groups that make large investments and have partnerships at world level to develop prevision models for pests and improve the instrumentation and the quality of reading the acquired data.


Annarita Grimaldi

Annarita Grimaldi

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