​The test facility, accredited to the Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.
People who have gained many years of experience in the environmental, agricultural and food sector and consolidated partnerships in different countries.


With over 34 years of experience, Agricola Internazionale is the Italian leader in the distribution of
biostimulants, special fertilizers, fertilizers and pesticides for modern agriculture.

We deep knowledge of raw materials, leads us to offer the best solutions for proper fertilization and crop protection at every crop stage of their cycle. Distributors and creators of the ViVO portfolio, for organic crops.

Meristem offers solutions to address all kinds of nutritional needs and to ensure vigorous, healthy plant growth, from preparing the soil until the crop is harvested.

Fyteko is a young innovative company developing and producing advanced plant biostimulants.Finding new sustainable solutions to guarantee and increase yields in full respect of agriculture values and practices.Fyteko develops new bio based active principles and formulations meeting to market demand.

COMERCIAL QUÍMICA MASSÓ, S.A. . distributes chemical specialties at agriculture, home & garden, parks, pest control… to our deep knowledge of the Mediterranean crops, we are continuously testing, developing and registering many new active ingredients.

FytoFend S.A. is an innovative spin off from the Research Unit in Plant Cellular and Molecular Biology (URBV) of the University of Namur. The company was created in 2009 and is specialized in plant protection by elicitors (natural stimulators of plants defenses).

International player in the plant nutrition. Our mission is to promote the implementation of more competitive agricultural technologies that are environmentally friendly, safe for users and use less water and energy with a view to addressing food issues, climate risks and environmental challenges.

AgriAlgae®is the brand under which AlgaEnergy develops, produces and commercializes the innovative range of agricultural biostimulants. AlgaEnergy is a biotechnology-based company specialized in the field of microalgae, AlgaEnergy has two microalgae cultivation plants.

ALZCHEM GROUP AG, an international chemical company, has positioned itself in the world of specialty chemistry with both well established and new products for global markets.

The main purpose of MENFIN Srl is the qualitative development of the agricultural productions with the ambition to face the great challenges of the agricultural world, contributing to its improvement.